「China Coser Collection」 Project

JCCD Studio announced strategic partnership with Weibo.com.
To be first to promote Chinese Cosplayer in Japan

JCCD Studio, a design studio operates in Japan, run Kawayuii Holdings (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd, announced a strategic partnership with Weibo.com, the biggest SNS website in China, at August 5th, 2017. The partnership will set up a production office named “China Coser Collection”, to be the first, to promote Chinese Cosplayer in Japan, and is aiming to create a new dimension to the China-Japan culture communication.

The Cosplay market in China, which can be traced back to around 1998, is definitely booming recent years, as numbers of full-time professional Cosplayer has grown rapidly. As early as the year of 2000, the first Cosplay competition in China was held. As the Chinese government soon saw the economical possibility lies on this industry, a government backed Cosplay competition named "China Joy Cosplay Carnival" was established and held every year since 2003, attracting more than 20 thousand people to enjoy the show each time during recent years. And the scope of Cosplay is also expanding as from characters come from ACG (Animations, Comics and Games), as what we normally expected, to deep reached into the region of movies and novels, Japanese visual-kei band, and even original created characters.

As for Japan, where the Cosplay culture emerged, the market is still very much alive and growing. As an example, the biggest ACG related even called Comic Market, a temporary market place for fan made comics, games and others goods to be sold, has already been held over 90 times since 1975, and the latest one, Comic Market 92, also known as C92, has witness more than 900 thousand visitors in its 3 days of duration, creating a new record in the history,

The partnership is aiming to strengthen the communication between Cosplayer of China and Japan, and the partnership has announced the following scheme.

1. JCCD Studio will set up a production office named "China Coser Collection" to manage Cosplayer's agent business, including promotion affair, sales of album, hosting of off-line photo session, corporate collaboration, starting with more than 200 signed Chinese Cosplayers under Weibo.com.

2. Weibo.com will facilitate and manager the promotion in China of signed Japanese Cosplayer and other actor under JCCD Studio.

3. JCCD Studio and Weibo.com together, will hold Cosplay event between China and Japan.

Profile of part of Cosplayers under the partnership.