Fuji Television China Region Report

With the rise of China 's economy, Japan' s coverage of China is also more widespread.

In this project, we provide consulting services in China, such as research, purchase of materials, and negotiation of materials.

Fuji Television Network, Inc. is a Japan Kanto region as the main broadcast area of television, Japan's five major television networks, one of the core.
In March 1, 1959 to Tokyo No. 4 television station for the call sign. Fuji TV is one of the most influential commercial television media in East Asia. Many well-known Japanese TV and variety shows are produced by Fuji TV. From 2004 to 2011, Fuji TV has achieved the "Triple Crown" of Japanese TV ratings for eight consecutive years (all day, evening time, prime time). In addition, Fuji TV is Japan's first television broadcast television.